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Mombasa Haina Kazi

Photo Courtesy: Lonely Planet The words ‘ hakuna kazi’ 1 are ones that live predominant on the tongues of everyone without it and as one of them residing in Mombasa, have seen it branded an attribute of the coastal people – for how unmotivated its youth are outside white collar job opportunities. Whether this is stereotypical to the fact that there are brilliant human beings doing unbelievable miracles within this strip, or this is a genuine reality in the homes of mothers who watch their sons waste away in drug dens and second home visits to cells, it is a narrative that the youth of our Pwani 2 have bitten off from and frankly, is now a local delicacy to their taste.   Osman – not his real name – is one of the older generation who drank former President Moi’s milk and could buy four loaves of bread with one shilling; if he was really hungry. He is also someone who walked every single day on the streets of Mombasa going from garage to garage, looking to put his mechanic skills

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